Natural colours for Health


We care for every living creature because we think that the care of the planet is care of the people.

The colours that we produce are made with edible materials but are foremost for creative purposes.


Beginning with seeds..

At Natural Colours for Health we begin with seeds and then follow the life cycle of each plant to produce Colours and artworks that truly resonant with the soul. Our work is based on the observation and respect of natural processes and the use of vegetable colours as an element of life. 

We started five years ago in a children's hospital in Italy with a charitable project called Magic Dye House and we are now creating a Social Enterprise called Natural Colours for Health that will bring nature and colours into the community.

Our workshop at Madingley Hall, Cambridge

March 2018

We feel for example that no child should ever be deprived of their freedom and locked in a psychiatric hospital and we want to create with children colourful hospitals to demostrate that the creativity is freedom. With the hope that in the future all the people could be cared in the community.


We want also to create a Greenhouse of Colours in the community...

...a place where we can deliver workshops, conferences and other events where we can share with as many people as possible the versatility of vegetable colours). What underpins everything we do is the thinking that healing the planet (through growing the plants) and healing people who live on the planet are interconnected. 

We work together with herbalists and scientists to find plants that have healing qualities to create colours that are safe and can imbue both psychological effects along with a positive impact for physical health.

Colours blinded images.png

Every colour that we produce has a different aroma of nature. With the aim that people who are blind, or colourblind are able to still use colours.