Deisa Centazzo - Founder and director of Magic Dye House & Natural Colours For Health


About me


I have a degree in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona but what has always interested me in art is its more primitive function in human expression.

I am especially drawn to the part that art can play in helping change and healing processes. I see the use of colours and reconnecting with nature through the creation of plant dyes as central aspects.


Illustration on wind turbine Switzerland 2007


After participating at the Venice Biennale in 2011 I decided to focus my attention entirely on health and reconnection to nature. In 2012 I facilitated a workshop at Meyer Paediatric Hospital in Florence focusing on natural colours and renewable energy.

My work has continued in England, where I currently live, with the charitable project Magic Dye House that works in the gardens of hospitals planting dye flowers and bringing art, nature and its colours together to enrich the lives of hospitalised patients and with the social enterprise company Natural Colours for Health.

Illustration Small bees for recylcled plastic project.jpg

Illustration Small bees for recylcled plastic project


In 2007 I started creating illustrations for wind turbines and solar panels, one of them supported by the United Nations, and began searching for projects and ideas related to nature and eco-sustainability.

I believe that when we care about nature we are also caring about people.

Illustration WWF.jpg

WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) cotton bag illustration


One of my illustrations for a little chair for children made from recycled material is located at the V & A Museum in London and another of my illustrations is used by the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation).