Every Colour like every plant is different. We love the diversity.


Natural Colours Kit

  • 3 customisable plant based colours ready to use, both for fabric and paper.
  • Plus, seeds of plants you could start to grow that will help you make natural colours by yourself.
  • The organic cotton bag has a hand painted illustration on the front which explains the process of the life of the plant and the creative process to make the colours.
  • The back is left white to give your creativity the freedom to flow.
  • (Diameter 20 cm, Colours 25ml each jar).

£XX.99 (inc Delivery)


Natural Colours Fashion Bag

  • This organic cotton bag is hand painted on both sides with natural plant based colours.
  • The bag can be made waterproof on request.
  • Suitable for vegans: based on rapeseed wax and rapeseed oil.
  • (Diameter 20 cm)

£XX.99 (inc Delivery)

product (1).jpg

Small Accessories (diam. 10 cm)

  • You could use this accessory as a gift for any occasion, for example, a container for aromatic essences like lavender.
  • Every piece is unique as it is hand painted on both sides with natural, vegetable based colours.
  • We can also customise pieces for special occasions (for a quote please e-mail

£XX.99 (inc Delivery)


Services for offices, factories & organisations

We can reuse your plastic containers and transform them into flowerpots to grow plants and flowers.

We can also create a colourful flowerbed in your garden and bring colours and wellbeing in your environment with customised Art based on natural colours, telling your unique story.

For a quote please e-mail